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Financial Checklist for the Month


  • Check your investment portolio allocations and current holdings. As your financial advisor, we monitor your investment portfolio and holdings regularly. Nonetheless, you should be aware of where and how your assets are invested. 
  • Explore loans, grants, and other sources of financial aid. There are many ways to finance college and postgraduate education expenses. If you have a college-bound child, it's wise to get an early start researching the options available to you. The government-sponsord website http://studentaid.ed.gov is a great place to start. 



    Everyone has their own unique goals and aspirations.
In order to help facilitate these goals, an effective easy-to-understand investment plan is needed. This is where our practice can help! Our goal as financial professionals is to provide clients detailed investment plans that can be modified in accordance with changing priorities. This helps our clients understand where they currently stand verses where they are headed.

We look forward to working with you!

​Leslie Evans Dunn​ 


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